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About Us

The Plush Kingdom is the leading toys store located in Melbourne, Australia. We specialize in high-quality toys which brings fun, enjoyment and creativity.

We sell toys that provides friends and family with access to a variety of plushies.

We aim to educate and improve creativity through play with high quality and affordable toys.

At The Plush Kingdom, we believe that our children's future is in their hands and as such, we bear a duty to them. There's something for everyone in our diverse range of toys to help them reconnect with their child inside.

It is a general belief that  good play helps build good minds. Play is FUN, but that's not all. It helps children learn to connect and understand the world around them. It can be invaluable in developing creativity, logical thinking and social skills. That is why we are committed to high quality, eco-friendly, safe and innovative plush toys that contribute to imagination, meaningful play and child's development.

For us it's not just about selling toys; it's about facilitating an "emotional" exchange between the givers and receivers. We want to foster an environment where family first is the norm and where everyone has a meaningful role to play in shaping the future and development of our children.

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